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Eschol Park Football Club (EPFC) is located on the boundary of Eschol Park and Eagle Vale in the south western outskirts of Sydney. We cater for players aged 5 to 70 years, of any skill and ability. EPFC also hosts Summer Competitions of 4-a-side and 6-a-side during the off season.

EPFC welcomes all players, particularly from the surrounding suburbs of Eschol Park, Eagle Vale, Kearns, Raby, St Andrews, Varroville, Leumeah, Minto, Woodbine, Emerald Hills, Gledswood Hills, Gregory Hills, Catherine Field, Campbelltown and further afield.

For any enquiries, please contact the Secretary at: [email protected].




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Only registrations for players on team nomination forms will be accepted, players looking for teams please email [email protected] before registering. 


We have simplified the registration process with Juniors and Mini’s being able to claim the active kids voucher through our online registration system. Please ensure you register on our website as well as the www.playfootball.com.au website. Both have to occur before you are eligable to play this summer.


To ensure we know which team you are in, you have to submit a team nomination form. If you do not have a team, submit the form and write Looking to join a team on the form. Follow this link and submit your  

Summer Competition Team Nomination Form 

to reserve your spot.

 2020  Website summer soccer 900 x 500  Oct ( 1)

Competition Information - 2020 Summer season


Eschol Park Football Club will be running its Summer Competition again this year. We have listened to feedback we received last year and have taken steps to ensure we comply with current FNSW and NSW Health Regulations. As such, only Players, Coaches and Ground duty volunteers are able to be inside the fenced area. Parents and Spectators are limited to 1 parent only (in line with NSW Covid-19 Health Recommendations) and have to watch their child from the outside area of the fence.


Competition Dates

The competition will run on Tuesday, Wednesdays and Thursday nights. Due to delayed winter season finishing this year, the competition will commence 6st October and will run for 10 weeks only. There will be NO Finals Series and No Finals, this year. For all team competition we will play 10 rounds, with the winner being the team first past the post (no league tables for U5, U6, U7). We aere currently planning for Mini and Juniors to play Tuesday and Thursdays, Mixed Seniors to play Tuesday nights and Seniors to play on Wednesdays.

Summer Comp Team nomination form

Download the Team Nomination form here and submit to : [email protected] 

Team Uniforms

You must nominate the main colour of your team Uniform on the team nomination sheet. Each team is responsible to provide uniform colours as part of the team nomination. You require approval of those uniforms to avoid colour clashes. Players must wear the same shirt with a number on the back as a minimum.


This year we have secured the fields from Council on Friday evening to play make up rounds ensuring that all teams can play the full competition. We have extended the hiring of our fields for an additional  two week in case of weather inclement. We will try our best to ensure each team will play 10 games.

Season Cancelations due to COVID-19 

In the event that the season will need to be cancelled due to NSW Health advice, we will refund money for those game weeks that remain unplayed, ($7.50/game for Minis and $10/game Juniors and Seniors. (Example: You paid $100 registration, you played 5 games, the season has to be cancelled. $100 - (5 x $10) = $50 returned to you. An Admin Fee will not be charged in the event of the season being cancelled due to Covid-19.


Active Kids Voucher

The NSW Government have extended the active kids voucher program entitling families to claim two vouchers for the one child per year.


For Juniors this could mean free registration. If you use the Active Kids voucher and the season is cancelled, we can not refund the fee unfortunatly.

Changing your mind to play

In case you chance your mind prior to the registration cut off (20 October 2020), you will get your registration fee back minus a $20 Admin Fee. If you change your mind post the registration date closed, there will not be any refund.


Proposed Game Schedule

As an indication, we expect the schedule to be as follows, however we reserve the right to change this pending on the uptake of teams. We hope you understand that it is very difficult to plan this given the current uncertainity around community sports.:

  • Minis (U5/U6/U7) play Tuesdays or Thursdays at 6:00pm or 6:40pm (15min halfs)
  • U8/9 and U10/11 play Tuesdays or Thursdays at 6:00pm or 6:50pm (20min halfs)
  • U12/13 and U14/15 play Tuesdays or Thursdays at 6:50pm or 7:40pm (possibly some play at  8:30pm) (20min halfs)
  • U16/17 play Tuesdays orThursdays 7:40pm or 8:30pm (20min halfs)
  • Mixed Senior teams play Tuesdays 7:40pm or 8:30pm (20min halfs)
  • Senior Teams play Wednesdays (pending on uptake starting at 6:00pm or 6:40pm) (20min halfs)

Note: we need a minimum of 4 teams in an Age Group to form a competition. Pending on how many teams we will have this summer, the times might be different to the table above, e.g. slightly later. We are aiming to keep the days as per the above where possible.


Registration fees

Registration Fees are:

$ 75.00 - Under 5, Under 6 & Under 7 competitions

$100.00 - Under 8 to Under 17 competitions

$100.00 - All Age competitions

$ 75.00 - 2nd registration for same player in another team


One off payment, no payment plans. 

You have to be fully financial before you take the field. No PAY = No PLAY. Due to the popular demand and restriction on field space, this season we must place caps on each of the Age groups as indicated in the above, so get your team in early if you want a spot.

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Herlp stop the spread  Covid 19

Dear Members,


We are contacting you in relation to the closure of three Sydney schools due to reports of students testing positive to COVID-19.


Those schools are:


1.     Fort Street High School – Petersham;

2.     Freeman Catholic College – Bonnyrigg; and

3.     Mary Immaculate Catholic Primary School - Bossley Park.


We have spoken to representatives from NSW Health regarding players (not from Macarthur) who attend these schools and have been advised as follows:


·         Fort Street High School

o    The player at this school has tested negative however has been advised to self-isolate as a precaution.


-          any players who attend the above school can continue to participate in football as usual; and

-          all players should continue to monitor for symptoms and self-isolate and get tested if they become symptomatic.


·         Freeman Catholic College and Mary Immaculate Primary School

o    NSW Health has completed contact tracing at these schools and has identified students who are “close contacts”;

o    Students identified by NSW Health as “close contacts” have been advised by NSW Health to self-isolate and get tested;

o    Students and families at Mary Immaculate Primary School in Stage 3 who are currently self-isolating have been advised to continue isolating up to and including 7 August 2020;

o    All other students are required to monitor for symptoms and self-isolate and get tested if they become symptomatic.



-          any players who attend the above two schools who have been identified as “close contacts” and are self-isolating are not permitted to participate in football until they are no longer required by NSW Health to self-isolate;

-          the teams that players who attend the above schools usually play in can continue to participate in football as usual, minus any players who are self-isolating;

-          all players who attend the above schools can continue to participate in football as usual, except those who are required to self-isolate;

-          players who are siblings of students in self-isolation are permitted to continue to participate in football as usual, unless advised by NSW Health to also self-isolate; and

-          all players should continue to monitor for symptoms and self-isolate and get tested if they become symptomatic.


Affected clubs who are unable to field teams as a result of the above should contact us immediately to discuss the possible postponement of matches this weekend.


Please share this information with your members.






Herlp stop the spread  Covid 19

🐺⚽️ Dear Members,
We received the following from the MFA to provide clarity and guidance in relation to recent COVID-19 cases within our region.   
The following important information is provided on advisement from Service NSW as of 15 July 2020:
Any members that attended the following venues on the dates outlined are deemed to be a close contact with a confirmed case and must self-isolate for 14 days and get tested:
Cross Roads Hotel, Casula from Friday, 3 July – Friday, 10 July
Planet Fitness, Casula from Saturday, 4 July to Friday, 10 July
Picton Hotel, Picton on July 4, 5, 9 and 10.
Members that have tested negative must stay in isolation for 14 days and continue to watch for COVID-19 symptoms (refer to the Coronavirus Health Direct Symptom Checker).
Any players/ teams impacted should be in contact with our Secretary via email ([email protected]) who will inform the MFA immediately for scheduling purposes.
Further to the above, If members have attended the following locations on the dates outlined, please watch for COVID-19 symptoms:  
Bavarian Macarthur, Campbelltown from Friday, 3 July – Friday 10 July
Macarthur Tavern, Campbelltown from Friday 3 July – Friday 10 July
West Leagues Club, Campbelltown from Friday 3 July – Friday 10 July
If symptoms occur, self-isolate for 14 days and get tested immediately.
To stay up to date on COVID-19 locations and advice on what to do, click on this link: https://www.nsw.gov.au/covid-19/latest-news-and-updates
As it stands, the MFA intends to continue with the 2020 season as planned. We all know the situation is dynamic, so we will keep you updated.
We recognise that the prevalence of COVID-19 in our region is forcing many back into self-isolation and this may impact the ability of clubs to run/host matches.
Any clubs that may experience such issues are encouraged to contact the MFA as early as possible so alternative arrangements can be made (if possible).
One recommendation that we do make is that clubs refrain from opening changerooms (with the exception of toilets) if this is not currently in place.

Please also refer to your emails for further COVID-19 updates that have been sent from Macarthur Football Association (e-newsletter - Update July 2020).





We just received a late notification that further changes to the draws have occured since we last provided an update. Overall there have been many teams withdrawn accross all the compeitions, so there is a strong likelyhood that your games scheduled for this weekend have changed.

Please ensure you check as there may be a bye where previously there was none or there may have been a bye but there no longer is one.

Please check your draw here:
or download the Game Day app by Sports TG. All our Mini and SSG coaches, please go in your team dugout to find out which colour, animal, player etc your team is located in. Please ensure you select the year 2020, not 2019.

Also, for our Mini and SSG coaches, you can pick up the Player of the week trophies tonight from 7:00 - 8:00pm at the club house or tomorrow night 6:00pm - 7:00pm. Alternativly, collect them at your first home game from the clubhouse. We also have some vouchers for the young boys and girls, courtesy from our sponsor Grill'd and the MFA sponsor Guzman.

As always, please contact us via email in the first instance.
Kind regards
President EPFC

Return to play (last updated 28.06.2020)


return to play guideline summary

Returning to the sport we all love might not look the same as it did before COVID-19, but it is really important to adapt and be flexible. 

Before we return to play though, we have to shift our focus on return to training. It is time to dust of the joggers with group sport and fitness to officially resume for our club week commencing 15th June (subject to phase 2 restrictions of <20 people per group). Campbelltown Council has given us approval to use the fields in accordance with FNSW guidelines and our return to train safety plan.

Please familiarise yourself with the new norm by clicking this link so you know what we are expecting of our members, supporters and volunteers when they arrive at our grounds.

Also please check your training location to ensure you know where your team will be training and use either team app, majestri or a physical copy (click here to download) to track attendance of your players as per requirement.

tuesday v 3

wednesday v 3
thursday v 3

Really important is to remember to have registered on both our website and on playfootball.com.au. You need to have payed your registration or have a payment plan in place as well as a FFA player ID card, as otherwise you will not be able to take the field.


Help Stop the Spread - COVID19 FFA update


Herlp stop the spread  Covid 19

The MFA can confirm that the FFA has suspended all football related activity until 14 April 2020, as detailed in the attached circular.


The suspension commences midnight tonight (18/3/2020) and includes:


  • All training, trials and official matches, inclusive of FFA Cup, NPL, SAP, AYL and MFA Competitions;
  • All Meetings, events and gatherings; and
  • All Education and participation programs.


For the avoidance of doubt, there are no exceptions. All activities scheduled prior to 14 April are not to proceed. Some activities, such as meetings, may be conducted virtually.

Any football activity which takes place during this period is not sanctioned by the Association nor Football NSW and, therefore, the Personal Accident insurance cover that is provided as part of a player’s registration will not apply.

We all share the same passion for our game and are all equally disappointed by the position we find ourselves. Unfortunately this unprecedented situation requires drastic action.

The COVID-19 outbreak has clearly affected us all. That said, and as I am sure you would all agree and appreciate, we all play our part in minimising its spread so as to bring it under control as soon as practically possible. Parallel to all government and community announcements about ‘social distancing’, good hygiene practices, football and indeed all sport has a role to play amongst our members and all involved in the game.


The FFA, Football NSW and local Associations are engaged in regular dialogue and will continue to update the Football Family as new information comes to hand.


We do not have answers to many questions at this point, however we are developing a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) guide to assist you all and will have this available shortly.    


In the interim, our priority is to develop an enjoyable competition for the Football Family within the timeframes we have available.


Again, the MFA will continue to keep members informed on this continuously evolving issue.


We thank everyone for their understanding and cooperation.


Information on COVID-19 is available at the Office of Sport website . This includes advice and resources for sport and recreation organisations which may be of use.


ffa circular 1 7march 2020

GK Academy (3 Terms - One Off $50 fee)

GK - Register Here

GK  Academy 2020 image

The GK Academy is being conducted by Andrew Warburton, a member of our Club Committee and long time Goalkeeper.
The $50 fee will be for 3 terms (regardless if you attend one, two or all three terms, it is the same fee amount of a total $50)
Included in the GK Academy is:
- Jersey and Shorts
- Small Bag
- Water Bottle
- Hand Towel

The three terms are:
Term 1:11th March - 8th April (Basic Skills)
Term 2: 29th April - 24th June (skills needed to further your game)
Term 3: 15th July - 16th September (refining all skills learned)

Times for GK training is during the term on each Wednesday:
SSG GK U8 - U11: 5:30pm - 6:15pm
Junior GK U12 - U18: 6:30pm - 7:45pm

In case of wet or other impacting weather events, Andrew will do his best to reschedule the training, however this is not always possible.


EPL Fantasy league is back

EPL  Fantasy 2019

What is our goal

Eschol Park Football Club was officially formed in 1983 (as Eschol Park Soccer Club) and has been a proud member of the Macarthur Football Association since that time.   The club was setup to provide a safe place for the local children to go and play soccer.   This has been achieved and is proudly maintained by the ongoing committee, testament to our success is the number of past members who are now bringing their children back to play at the club.   Our club participates in the Macarthur Football Association winter competition, hosting players in all age group competitions from Under 6 to Over 35.   We also host our own summer competition with competitions for Under 6 Mixed, Under 7 Mixed, Under 8/9 Mixed, Under 10/11 Mixed, Under 12/13 Boys, Under 12/13 Girls, Under 14/15 Boys, Under 14/15 Girls, Under 16/17 Boys, Under 16/17 Girls, All Age Mens, All Age Ladies and All Age Mixed.   Why not give Football a go this year, come and join a great family club!


Team App

team-app logo

For all our members who use the EPFC Team App website, we are not abandoning you or Team App, it is still there, just click here to head over there.

Just remember that it will not be updated with information as regularly.   All current news and activities will be here at our new home The Wolf Den.

Last updated 9 Sep 2020
U 6/7-AOpen
U 6/7-BOpen
U 6/7-COpen
U 6/7-DOpen
U 6/7-EOpen
U 6/7-FOpen
U 8/9-AOpen
U 8/9-BOpen
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