Grading and Allocation

Eschol Park FC will hold grading for all teams in Division 1 from U12 to U18. With new MFA grading rules from the 2020 season, team nominations need to be submitted to MFA for U12 and above by the 3rd Friday in February, and for all Mini and SSG teams  by the first Friday in March.

Consequently, team grading and allocation will be hold before the deadline to enable us to place players of similar ability in teams together to assist with their enjoyment and personal development in the game.
Note: all players must be registered before the appropriate grading date.

Grading - 2020

updated 04/02/2020
Please arrive 30 minutes prior to the times indicated to get checked off and get your bib.
Players need to have registered on our website as well as on before grading. This is to ensure you and the club are insured whilst participating in physical activities run by the club.
You need to bring: 
  • Soccer boots
  • Soccer ball
  • Drink
  • Birth certificate if new to the club
  • proof of registration at play football and proof of registration at
Please note: EPFC will most likely have teams in each age group, male and female. Not every age group has a 1st Division team though. Based on last years results, we anticipate the below age group to require grading. This may change though based on what players return, which players newly join our club and we may update this page to more accurately reflect the grading teams/ days/ times.

The scheduled dates/times for grading in 2020 are:
Main Contingency *
Age Group Date Time Date Time
Under 12 3 Feb 6:00 pm 5 Feb 6:00 pm
Under 12 Girls N/A N/A     N/A N/A    
Under 13 N/A N/A     N/A N/A    
Under 14 N/A N/A     N/A N/A    
Under 13/14 Girls N/A N/A     N/A N/A    
Under 15 3 Feb 7:30 pm 6 Feb 7:30 pm
Under 16 N/A N/A N/A N/A
Under 15/16 Girls N/A      N/A      N/A       N/A
Under 17 N/A N/A N/A N/A
Under 18 N/A N/A N/A N/A
Under 17/18 Girls 6 Feb 7:00 pm TBC TBC

* Contingency will only be used should the main session be cancelled due to inclement weather or if Player numbers dictate a second session.

If you are unable to attend Grading, please email the Secretary ASAP and advise the reason.

Allocation - 2020

There is a lot to cover in the time available, so the sessions start at the time indicated, please arrive 10 minutes prior to the times indicated so you don't miss out.

The scheduled dates/times for Allocations in 2020 are:
Age Group Date Time
Under 5 & 6 8 Feb 9:00 am
Under 7 8 Feb 10:00 am
Under 8 8 Feb 11:00 am
Under 9 8 Feb 12:00 pm
Under 10 8 Feb 1:00 pm
Under 11 8 Feb 2:00 pm
Under 15 8 Feb 3:00  pm
Under 12  9 Feb 10:00 am
Under 11/12 Girls 9 Feb 11:00 am
Under 13 9 Feb 12:00 pm
Under 14  9 Feb 1:00 pm
Under 13/14 Girls 9 Feb 2:00 pm
Under 16 9 Feb 3:00 pm
Under 15/16 Girls 9 Feb 4:00 pm
Under 17 15 Feb 10:00 am
Under 18 15 Feb 11:00 am
Under 18 Girls 9 Feb 5:00 pm
All Age Ladies 15 Feb 12:00 pm
Over 35's 15 Feb 1:00 pm
All Age Men 15 Feb 1:00 pm

Last updated 13 Nov 2020
U 6/7-AOpen
U 6/7-BOpen
U 6/7-COpen
U 6/7-DOpen
U 6/7-EOpen
U 6/7-FOpen
U 8/9-AOpen
U 8/9-BOpen
M-League (Squad) and Colts trial 2 of 3

All players have to register on the EOI before taking part in the trials. Be at the clubhouse 30min before the start.
Women M-League trial 2 of 3

All players have to register on the EOI before taking part in the trials. Be at the clubhouse 30min before the start.
M-League (Squad) and Colts trial 3 of 3

All players have to register on the EOI before taking part in the trials. Be at the clubhouse 30min before the start.
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